The Cypher: the biggest misconception in breaking.[by ness4]

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The Cypher: the biggest misconception in breaking.[by ness4]

Post by S.N.A.Z.Z.Y on Wed Nov 12, 2008 5:35 am

i have had this convosation all over the world with people in privcate, or people who have asked me about the so called huge cyphers from the old school days, and i also see alot of peeps signitures like "the cyphers where it all began and blah blah blah.
well i think its finaly time to break the myths.
again, before people come on here attacking, or trying to argue about a time they no nothing of, and about a culture they are fairly nw too, keep in mind that all my intentions are, always was, and will always be to teach the true essence of this culture.
for starters, the term cypher never existed in the 70's, or 80's. its a new school term started in the 90's and it isint even a hip hop word at all. the word cypher comes from a wierd religion known as the 5%nation of islam where all followers of this religion belive they are gods. people like rahkim, and wu-tang clan follow these beliefs.
within the religion they have what is called a supreme alphabet whre every letter has a corresponding word and every word has a unique definition.
so, if today was october 10th, and a 5% follower asked you for "TODAYS MATHEMATICS" the proper answer would be:
knowledge symbolizing the number 1, cypher symbolizing the number 0.
the proper term for what peeps call cyphers was circles. period.
the biggest misconception is that true breaking is all about the cyphers, that is incorrect. true breaking was always about the battle.
belive it or not cyphers didnt exist in the tradition that most are used to know-a-days.
back in the days your average circle only consisted of your crew, and or the people who was at the party.
now adays we have what i cal "freindly fire circles" where peeps from all over the city, country and even the world gather around and take turns showing off moves. back in the days there was nothing like that.
back then wasnt like todasy where if you see a person breaking at a party or a club, you walked up and are like "hey you break? me too? who you won with? lets dance together!" haha
back then, if one dancer touched the floor, and there was another at the party, it was an instant battle. the so called cypher only consisted of spectators.
to give you an explination, ill use me and teknyc as an example.
in todays world, if i go down in a circle, and tek follows me, and does an ill run, the people around the cirlce will clap for tek.
back in the days, if i went down, and tek came out of nowhere and did an ill run, people around the circle would go "ooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhh" and look at me like i just got smoked and HAVE TO RESPOND BACK.
i used teknyc in my example because tek is a perfect manifestation of how it used to be. tek doesnt go in the cyphers to show off, and neither do i.
we go into the cyphers to smash what ever was on the floor before us. this concept is what kamel calls "NO WASTED GO DOWNS" meaning, we dont wast shit to show off, we show off on stage, the cyphers is for battling.
anyone who has ever seen mzk in full force rolling deep at a jam is testiment of this. we cyopher on our own, but when we come into a circle with other dancers we coming to smash or be smashed.
shit, i remember the first time i went to an event, i saw someone in a circle, and when i went into the circle after him, i came like a bat out of hell. at the end of my run, i nspun up looking directly at the guy before me and him, and every dancer in the circle was clapping, and i was like "what the f*ck is this????" hahahaha

thx to ness4


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